Culture and cities


The cultural legacy which Sardinia’s past conquerors have left behind is vast: from the unique Nuraghis and Bronze Age heritage, Roman and Byzantine excavations to romantic churches and modern museums, the island offers an abundance of enriching excursions.

Nuraghi, domus de janas, stone age burial sites and so-called Giganti di Mont’e Prama (two meters tall statues) are unique testimony of a long-vanished culture dating back 200.000 years, that may have started the story of the Mediterranean population.

Domus de Janas

Different population have left traces of their conquer in Sardinia over the centuries, which can still be seen today and give this island such a cultural diversity: the Phoenicians were followed by the Carthaginians, who quickly got replaced by the Romans. In 500 AC, Sardinia got taken over by the African Vandals, who got quickly defeated and chased off the island by the Byzantine empire. Then come the Arabs, the Tuscans, Spanish, Austrians and Savoyards from Piedmont



Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia, is a city that offers the perfect incarnation to this variety, bewitching blend of modern urbanity and medieval mystery. Everywhere you wander, Cagliari’s rich history is spelled out in Roman ruins, museums, churches, galleries and boulevards where locals hang out, admiring prime-time viewing sunset up in Castello’s piazzas.

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